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    Internet. An integral part of our lives.

    Let’s be honest – internet has become a part of our lives. Without it we are literally disconnected from the outside world. . Today internet availability and speed are top priorities for any consumer

    Internet speeds never used to be an issue in the good old days when we had the dial-up connection. Dial-up modems took ages to connect and webpages were very slow to load…but we were patient enough.

    In fact, internet availability is always on the top of our list when we reallocate our home or office.

    With experience, we’ve found that some internet service providers simply ship the hardware and expect the consumer or end-user to figure out the connections and setup it up all by themselves. Setting up a new modem or internet connection requires a fair bit of technical knowledge – it’s never too easy as what’s written on the instructions card.

    Some providers do send out internet technicians to setup and configure the internet connection at your home or business, but they often leave out bits and pieces such as reconnecting the printers, security cameras, testing out Wi-Fi coverage and speed etc leaving you dissatisfied and frustrated.

    Have you had a situation where the service provider’s support team hung up on you because they said it’s not their fault and it should be an issue with your computer or laptop? – Yes, we’ve seen and heard it all! Believe it or not, in some cases, this is true. Software or hardware issues can terribly slow down the way a website loads on your computer or laptop. Our technicians are able to diagnose these kinds of issues and provide you with a permanent solution.

    In certain cases, poor Wifi coverage or high interference can result in terrible internet speeds.

    Things can get really frustrating especially if you’ve got a business to run or kids to look after. All you need is someone who can understand your needs get the job done without any hassle. This is where we come in! Our technicians are able to translate technical language and jargon, used especially by internet service providers, into simple and plain down-to-earth easy-to-understand English.

    In Melbourne, currently there are mainly 5 types of internet connections:

    National Broadband Network (NBN)

    This uses optic fibre to send and receive internet data and is generally the fastest connection you can get at the moment. Currently NBN offers 3 tiers:

    a. 100 Mbps / 40 Mbps
    b. 50 Mbps / 25 Mbps
    c. 25 Mbps / 5 Mbps


    This uses the phone line to send and receive data. You can get download speeds of about 18-20 Mbps & upload speeds of about 1 – 2 Mbps depending on the distance between your property and the internet service provider’s exchange.

    Wireless Broadband

    This uses wireless technology to send and receive internet data.


    This uses the regular TV cable for the transmission of data between the end-user and internet service provider.

    4G Modems

    This again uses wireless technology to send and receive internet data. Speeds on this depends on the distance between the end user and the nearest telephone tower.

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