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    Look no futher for the best technicians in computer setup for Melbourne homes and businesses.

    Having a properly set up computer is crucial as it ensures that you can operate smoothly. Any mistakes during the software setup process can produce detrimental and long-lasting effects to you as you will spend time and money trying to fix the issues.

    In today’s technologically driven world, it may be hard to picture life without a personal computer. Many people do not go a single day without using their computer for schoolwork or business purposes. While a computer can be beneficial in terms of work and school, they should never interfere with family time. Desktop setups can be daunting and feel like a lot of work, but when you have industry experts like us, we will make computer setup super easy for you!

    A perfect PC setup done right from the beginning, synchronises the hardware in a PC, such as the motherboard, CPU, RAM, GPU and HDD. Most people will not be concerned with what each component does individually but it is important to understand why they are needed and how they interact with each other in order to maximise performance. Setting up a computer will also determine the overall performance and lifespan of the equipment, as having it configured correctly and running optimally ensures that it runs smoothly. It is important to follow manufacturer guidelines when setting up; otherwise you may damage your system or void your warranty.

    At Computer Technicians, we understand all these. It is for this reason that we help you with both computer purchase and business or home computer setup. By being at the center of your IT solutions, we can help you establish a proper computer set up to ensure smooth business transactions.

    Our Computer Setup Services At a Glance

    Purchasing a New Computer

    Purchasing a new PC may seem like an easy task. To have a balanced system you need to have matching hardware. If you just throw in any old card into your PC it will probably shut down when stressing the CPU or GPU, which in turn lowers your performance and can damage your components in the long term. But if everything is matched you shouldn’t have issues with either component being stressed too much. And this is exactly what we plan on helping you accomplish by giving tips on how not to blow up your new build – or maybe even prolong its life! However, the process can become complicated and challenging, especially if you need to buy a computer for your business or if you do not know the right machine for your needs. Some of the questions new computer buyers often ask themselves include:

    • How do I know a device that will suit my needs?
    • Will it’s speed be sufficient?
    • What operating system do I need?
    • Can I identify the device?
    • How can I transfer all data and personal information from my old computer to my new machine?
    • How can I learn to take advantage of all the new technology that the new computer offers?
    • What other peripherals do I need?
    • Will my new laptop or machine work with my printer?


    How We Help You Buy A New Computer

    Many PCs are available in the market. However, choosing the right device for your needs may be difficult with a sea of options available. As a result, you may find yourself buying an old laptop or even a new desktop that does not suit your needs or those of your business. We are interested in ensuring you get friendly service and the best deal for your money. We explain all the details in simple language and make recommendations based on your budget and computer use. Then, we can organize quotes, purchasing, and delivery on your behalf. Our company has good relationships with various local PC and Mac stores and computer manufacturers. Therefore we will set you up for the best deal in the market.

    New Computer Setup

    What is a computer setup service, and what does it entail?

    Our company has tremendous experience with:

    • All-in-one desktops, for example, the HP
    • All Windows based PCs or laptops
    • Gaming Machines
    • Surface Pro Tablets
    • Multi-Monitor Setups
    • Garage Computer Setups
    • Office and Home Computer Setup/Configurations for all new Mac and Apple-based iMacs, Macbook Air, and Mac Mini models.


    Software Installation

    This is the first thing that a new computer needs. You’ll need to make sure that you have the most updated operating system software on your computer so that both computers run smoothly and quickly at all times. At Computer Technicians, our home computer setup service will help you set up new accounts, passwords, configure system updates and a new backup system installed either in a cloud or a hard drive at your home office it at work. We will even install your preferred operating system (Windows 11, Windows 10 or Windows 7) and send you the passwords and the accounts to ensure that you get the flow.

    Other Important Installations that We Can Do During PC Setup

    • Cleanup and remove unwanted bloatware

    What exactly is bloatware? Simply said, it’s software that’s already installed on PC or laptop manufactured by HP, Lenovo, Acer etc. This software generally functions for a while before asking to be registered. The owner of the PC will frequently be required to pay to continue using these goods. Antivirus programs and other items like Office, other remote assistance are examples of this type of software. Most clients want to use software that they like or have previously purchased. Removal of such installed software also ensures optimum speed. Our techies will remove all this unwanted bloatware and install the programs that you need.

    • Install an anti-virus and internet security software- This software ensures that your computer data and personal information is secure from viruses, phishing, and malware.
    • Setup keyboard, mouse
    • Internet access
    • We will also install Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook.
    • Transferring data : We will transfer files, programs, photographs and videos, email accounts, contacts, music such as iTunes library, documents, contacts, Google Chrome bookmarks, and Internet Explorer, among others from your old PC. Uninstalling unnecessary things from your old machine and installing the things that you need can help your new computer run a lot better. You wouldn’t want to have a cluttered computer with a bunch of files and folders all over it because that would just slow down your new computer instead of making it faster.
    • Time calibration and RDP set up-We will ensure that we set the time.
    • WI-FI setup and speed check
    • Installation of miscellaneous software such as iTunes, Spotify, Ad-blocking software, Google Chrome, and Adobe PDF reader.
    • Installation of an additional printer, devices software and fix up system updates and upgrade that you will suggest according to your computer use.
    • Setup remote assistance

    Hardware Installation

    Getting a new computer may also mean connecting it with other hardware. Some of the hardware components you may need include printers, copiers, hard drives, mouse or scanners.  You will also need to connect your new computer to your internet network to complete your computer setup. Unfortunately, connecting a new computer to the network is a struggle because customer service is unreliable. However, as a professional service in the field, we have more industry and knowledge experience to help you get connected. Therefore, we will help you connect with various cables, ADSL2+, and modems of your choice.

    Microsoft Office Setup

    At one point, you need to expand your business space, and you need more computers. We are professionals in purchasing and setting up of a new computer for an office which is a requirement for your computer setup. We can purchase the right computer, install them, and ensure optimal performance with little disruption.

    • In doing office setups, we can also install computers on a large scale.
    • We will help you with equipment consultation for large and small office spaces.
    • Workstation setups- we can set up workstations with different computers of your choice.
    • Install the latest version of Office 365 in the office and set up email accounts and Microsoft Exchange for all the computers and configure office system updates
    • We can also set up LCD screens, triple or dual screens.
    • We also offer automated cloud backup and Network Attached Storage systems for your company.

    Why You Need Our Professional Computer Setup Service

    Hiring a professional with a great customer service record for your computer setup makes it easy to manage the purchase to the installation process.

    • Saves time- You save much time for you and your staff if you allow professionals to purchase and deliver your computers with your data transferred. In addition, it will be easy to get the computers that match your work.
    • Boosts Service– Professional businesses ensure that their clients get the best services and products. Good service leads to a high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Besides, you will have more time to handle your core business
    • Experience- We are reputable for delivering the best. However, that does not mean we are perfect. We can forecast possible problems and offer the best solutions. However, if you experience any difficulties after our installation and PC or Mac setup, we have what it takes to rectify the situation. We will sort all the problems and ensure that you do not experience any issues with your computer.
    • Reduce Hazards- The role of a professional computer setup professional is to reduce the occurrence of hazards. Therefore, we professionally do cabling service and ensure that your office or computer system does not disappoint you.

    Contact Us Today for Computer Setup

    Purchasing and setting up a computer is not an easy task. However, we offer the best professional services that can get you the best in the market vs other companies. Coupled with our exemplary customer service and excellent repair services, you can be sure that your new PC or old computer is properly set up with antivirus software, office software, hardware and that your personal information is safe. You do not need to waste your time searching for a same day computer setup service and trying to install software and hardware; contact or chat with our Australia wide tech-savvy team who is at your service.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does it take for a setup?

    Most setups can be done in about 1 hour.

    Can you setup software and emails?

    Yes we can setup both software and emails.

    Can you transfer all data and applications from my old laptop?

    Yes, we can transfer all data, applications & emails from your old laptop to the new one.