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Computer running slowly ?
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Rejecting installation of anti-virus software ?
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    If you suspect your computer has a virus, call us immediately. The quicker a virus is eliminated, the less likely it is that your data will be corrupted, stolen or permanently wiped. Online security is hugely important in a time when we conduct business, banking and other confidential activity online. Malware and spyware could prevent access to your data and money and even steal your identity.

    Your computer could potentially have a virus if it’s experiencing the following symptoms:

    1. Taking too long to start up
    2. Has an altered desktop background
    3. Web pages won’t load
    4. Strange, persistent pop-ups
    5. Disappearing Windows taskbar
    6. Low disk space
    7. Redirection to unknown webpages
    8. Issues installing updates and other software
    9. Remove rootkits and trojans

    Here at Computer Technicians, we run thorough diagnostic tests and pinpoint the security threat level. We then remove all spyware files and install anti-virus programs to ensure your computer is safe and protected before it’s returned to you.

    Don’t attempt to remove a virus on your own – you may think it’s completely gone, but there are often still virus files strategically hidden on your computer.

    What We Work With And Other Services We Provide

    You name it: we offer desktop, laptop, tablet, PC, and Mac repairs. We’ll come out to your workplace or home to figure out the problem.

    Whether you need onsite IT support, a new piece of hardware, or you’re experiencing internet connection issues in Melbourne, we can help. You’ll be happy you entrusted us with your PC or MacBook repair.

    Some other services we provide include:

    • Mobile computer repairs – we’ll come to you
    • Setting up new devices
    • Configuring a network to share printers and files
    • Installing and configuring new software
    • Backing up your files
    • Resolving issues with Internet connection

    Whatever the problem, we’re confident we can help.

    Call us today to find out about onsite IT support for your business, software installation, and much more.

    We’ve been working on computer repairs in Melbourne for years. Throughout that time, we’ve seen it all and learnt more as new machinery and technology are released. Next time you need a “computer fix near me”, get in touch to tell us your problem, and we’ll make a plan of action.

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