Our Team

Dive into the heart of our organization and meet the dedicated individuals who drive our success every day. Each member brings a unique blend of talent, experience, and passion, shaping our collective vision and commitment to excellence. From the dreamers and the strategists to the creators and the doers, get to know the faces and stories behind the magic.


Welcome to our team family!


Brian Mathew

DIrector, Owner

Brian, our Founder and Director, has been deeply passionate about technology since childhood. With a solid educational foundation in Computer Science and Engineering, coupled with a Master's Degree in Business Administration from University of Strathclyde, Brian possesses both technical expertise and strategic business acumen. Beyond steering the helm at Computer Technicians, he enjoys delving into the latest tech trends and sharing insights on our blog during his leisure.


Adam T

Senior Computer Engineer

Adam, our Senior Computer Engineer, brings a wealth of knowledge and technical prowess to the team at Computer Technicians. His deep-rooted expertise is evident in the intricate projects he oversees and the innovative solutions he crafts. While his professional accomplishments are numerous, Adam's passion doesn't stop at engineering. Outside the workspace, he immerses himself in various hobbies, from exploring the great outdoors to mastering the latest tech tools. An avid contributor to our blog, Adam frequently shares his experiences and knowledge, offering readers a unique blend of technical insight and personal anecdotes.

Jean F.

Junior IT Specialist

Jean, our dynamic Junior IT Specialist, is a rising star within the Computer Technicians team. Her fresh perspective and keen sense of innovation make her an invaluable asset in handling IT challenges. Jean's dedication to her role doesn't overshadow her multifaceted talents; she's an ardent blog writer, often penning insightful articles that blend tech know-how with relatable narratives. Beyond the digital realm, Jean pursues a myriad of hobbies that further enrich her creative prowess, from trekking scenic trails to experimenting with new culinary recipes.