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    Are you looking for a reliable internet technician or a wireless installation or NBN expert in Melbourne?

    Our internet technicians help to keep the internet running smoothly and efficiently.

    In order to do our jobs successfully, we have a variety of skills including

    1. Advanced knowledge of computer hardware, software and data.
    2. Strong decision-making skills
    3. Excellent customer service abilities
    4. Effective time management skills
    5. Problem solving abilities
    6. Collaborative working strategies
    7. Understanding of all aspects of networking technology (including how it works across different media)
    8. Technical expertise with web browsers and email programs as well as an understanding of information technology security (hardware and software).
    9. Work with NBN (FTTP, FTTN and FTTB), Cable, ADSL 2+.
    10. Install repeaters and extenders.
    11. Setup WiFi mesh network.
    12. Get rid of Wi-Fi dead spots/zones.

    These skills are necessary in order to deal with malicious attacks on the internet connection’s infrastructure; identify, repair and prevent internet security concerns; create, monitor and maintain software systems that are used for data transmission in networks; upgrade computer operating systems at client’s request so they can take full advantage of company hardware.

    Working as internet technicians in Melbourne, Australia requires a good theoretical understanding of network architectures (such as at OSI layer model); familiarity with the range of technologies involved in networking (including which uses different cabling media), advanced diagnostic skills to troubleshoot connectivity issues, knowledge about web protocols such as TCP/IP, HTTP and FTP; the ability to configure network infrastructure equipment including routers, switches, firewalls and remote access devices.

    Computer Technicians are able to work quickly under pressure while always maintaining the highest levels of customer service.

    We also possess the ability to be creative in problem solving, along with strong interpersonal skills.

    Our Melbourne internet technicians constantly learn new techniques and technologies in order to stay abreast of continually evolving network infrastructures.

    Our internet technicians can help setup, maintain and repair broadband internet connection service. They can also configure network routers, switches and firewalls to ensure an organization’s computers have access to the internet while preventing unauthorized users from accessing resources on their local area network. Our internet technicians can also troubleshoot problems that may arise with these systems.

    Common network problems our internet technicians fix

    1. Interference from other devices
    2. Weak Wi-Fi signal
    3. Inappropriate locations for access points
    4. Insecure network key(s)
    5. Unexpected wireless dead spots in the home/office area
    6. Power or internet outage affecting multiple users at once
    7. Growth in usage of internet, streaming services and devices without upgrading hardware/software
    8. Unauthorized personnel on a company’s wireless network or NBN
    9. Vulnerabilities in an online presence after a security breach or attack
    10. Electronic eavesdropping through public Wi-Fi networks
    11. Issues related to SONOS connecting to the WiFi.

    We are IT professionals in Melbourne, Australia or IT pros and can fix a wide array of network-related problems, from boosting Wi-Fi signal strength to securing your wireless internet connection service and making sure no one is eavesdropping on your company’s important data through public networks.

    We can perform all sorts of tasks, the main reason that people hire us is to fix computers or resolve technical problems and support with their hardware or software is because of our reviews and reliability. We also perform additional duties can include setting up NBN internet connections, troubleshooting network issues and installing security systems.

    Our internet technicians can also entail teaching others about using technology, including how to use email accounts, databases and web browsers. The majority of our workday is spent interacting with our clientele, so excellent customer service skills are important for this position.

    Our internet technicians should be able to solve problems efficiently because time pressures are common when working with clients who need their Internet connection service restored as soon as possible.

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