Unusual pop-up muddling your browser?
Strange noises coming from the MacBook?
Difficulty booting up or shutting down your MacBook?
Is your MacBook running slow and sluggish?
Is your MacBook excessively hot to the touch?

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    Just like PCs, Apple Macs, MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs may require minor or major service at some point of time in their life.

    You’ll be pleased to know that all services in Melbourne are done by experts, with years of experience servicing, upgrading Apple Macs, iMacs, MacBook Pros, and MacBook Airs – old or new mac computers – know your Apple device inside out and can literally diagnose any issue ‘under the sun’.
    We’ve become so reliant on our Apple devices that any hiccups can literally take hours off our productive time. We offer fast and reliable service so if your Apple device is running slow or having trouble starting up, we will strive to get you back to your work as soon as possible. And yes, we come to your home or business for a service in Melbourne VIC.

    Because Apple devices have really tightened security on the operating system of Apple Macs (Mac OSX), Mac services or Mac, MacBook, and MacBook Pro service can be quite difficult and may result in more damage if attempted to do in the absence of a technician. Our Melbourne VIC experts are equipped with Apple diagnostic software and tools that will help determine the root cause of the issue and steps to rectify the matter. 

    Here’s a list of Apple MacBook computers/MacBook Pro issues our experts can fix:

    • Macintosh
    • Mac Mini
    • iMac
    • MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro

    Common Issues Mac Users Face:

    Apple MacBook and Apple MacBook Pros operate uniquely and distinctively since they exclusively use their parts and operating system, resulting in problems that can be otherwise unique or difficult to deal with. Apple Mac and Apple MacBook Pro can face problems that can hamper productivity, regardless of whether you are writing your next business paper, checking your e-mail, or getting work done in Melbourne VIC.

    Enlisted are some common issues that can pop up on the Apple Mac:

    • Networking issues mainly related to Wi-Fi, NBN
    • The iMac doesn’t recognize the keyboard or mouse,
    • The iMac can’t read or write to a disk,
    • The iMac displays a blank screen,
    • Issues related to booting include grey screens and the logo.
    • The MacBook struggles to run applications.
    • MacBook crashes or freezes
    • The screen or keyboard fades while you are typing,
    • The MacBook Air or Pro won’t reveal your password,
    • The MacBook Air or Pro reboots before you finish installing or updating something,
    • Thermal issues on Apple Mac, MacBook Air, or Apple MacBook Pro – problems related to the fan, and hard disk drive service.
    • Hardware problems
    • Data recovery of all Apple devices
    • Annual Service in Melbourne
    • Cracked Macbook Screen
    • Other issues with Apple Hardware
    • Battery replacement for specific Apple devices
    • Issues with processes that slow down your Apple computer

    We also fix other commonly occuring issues on Apple Computers.

    Let’s have a look at the other issues occuring on Mac/MacBook Pro :

    Faulty hardware components?

    If your Apple or MacBook Pro laptop is slow to start up or really sluggish to use, then you could be in the risk of a failing hard drive. Not to worry – Our techs recommend a service and SSD drives for optimal performance when a hard drive fails and require data recovery in Melbourne. We may also recommend a battery replacement.

    So let's summarize..

    1. Possible computer infection
    2. Hardware (WiFi adaptor) issues/NBN issues
    3. Outdated networking hardware (modem / routers?)
    4. Regular Service

    Computer freezing up on you?

    Is your Apple device locking up as soon as you get into some work in Melbourne? You may have noticed a rainbow that keeps going round and round. That’s what we call the “spinning rainbow wheel loop”. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact problem but you could be having a virus or possible software incompatibility.

    So let's summarize..

    1. Possible computer infection
    2. Failing hard-drive
    3. Needs a service

    Unable to upgrade to the latest software?

    If your Apple device hesitant to upgrade to the latest OSX, it could mean that you might have an operating system that’s really outdated for use.

    So let's summarize..

    1. Possible computer infection
    2. Hardware (HDD) issues
    3. Requires service

    Does your Mac have a white folder with a question mark when it boots up?

    This could be a serious issue anywhere from a corrupted or failed hard drive to other failing components. Do not panic – our computer technicians are experts at diagnosing the problem and will strive to get your computer back on its feet as soon as possible.

    So let's summarize..

    1. Hardware or software issues
    2. Outdated system software or driver
    3. Requires a service

    Nowadays Macs are quite tricky to handle, it’s just the way they are designed. We’ve seen a number of our clients attempt service on their own – it’s good to explore but it could mean more harm to your Apple computer. Just give our technical support team a call!

    What Causes Common Mac Issues?

    Common Apple Mac issues arise for a variety of reasons in Melbourne. Sometimes, it’s an issue with the Mac’s hard drive, but other times it’s an issue with the OS. And in some cases, the problem could be as simple as a minor issue with the Mac’s memory. It’s important to understand the potentially devastating effects of PC dilemmas, which is why our services can assist you in choosing the right solution for all your Apple MacBook.

    A drop or hit against a hard surface can result in a cracked MacBook screen.

    Whether it is something as simple as a hardware upgrade, or memory upgrade, or as complex as the data recovery, data backup, component replacement. We are committed to you in providing a durable and long-lasting solution at an affordable price. If it’s the hard drive, the screen, the battery, the I/O, or the memory, or if you just want a new Apple Mac in Melbourne, our technical support team is the perfect fit for you!

    We live in a technological age, and it’s hard to imagine life without Mac computers or a Mac mini. It’s also hard to imagine life without your Mac when it’s on the blink. With premium-level service, our experts can diagnose  your MacBook Pro quickly and efficiently, and you’ll be able to be up and running in no time.

    It’s critical to understand the value of Apple Mac aside from their actual cost. The value of your documents, memories, work, photos, and everything else you have stored on your Mac is priceless. Unfortunately, if your MacBook is damaged or if a file becomes corrupted, you could lose it forever. Yes, you can follow some DIY stuff by reading all sorts of tutorials online, but do you want to risk losing your data?

    Instead of reaching for the tutorials and trying to come up with an amateurish fix all by yourself, you’ll be better off just letting the expert fix your Mac. Our computer support team has the necessary skill and experience in Melbourne, and we understand that you value the importance of the data stored on your Apple Mac computer.

    Upgrades and Maintenance

    Fixing, upgrading, and maintaining your Mac involves removing unnecessary data and viruses, upgrading RAM and storage, fixing problems that are broken or malfunctioning, keeping your OS and applications up to date, and other maintenance tasks. You can read about its importance here.

    We stand apart from other service providers because we are fully equipped to handle any iMac problem you might have, whether it’s a routine problem that has cropped up again, an issue that has just moved in, an ongoing issue that will not resolve itself, or something that has just failed. We are the perfect solution for your Mac needs. 

    Enlisted are some of the professional Mac upgrade services we provide:

    1. RAM upgrades,
    2. Updating your Mac with the latest available OS updates while ensuring no data is lost in the process,
    3. Replacing damaged or malfunctioning problems
    4. Maintain and optimize your Apple computer
    5. Installation and Troubleshooting, and hardware
    6. Battery replacement for MacBook Air, etc.
    7. General technical support
    8. Recover data
    9. Fix Mac Startup issues
    10. Fix permission issues when accessing an external drive
    11. Fix Question Mark folder on startup
    12. SSD Upgrade
    13. Mac OS Upgrades
    14. Fix issues with MacBook audio crackling

    We hate to boast but our experts have the training and knowledge to handle any trouble you have with your Apple equipment at home or office– just say it and it will be done.

    What makes us so unique?

    Surrounded by smart, passionate people and with the best tools and approaches at your disposal
    Specialists in Mac
    15 years of experience in Mac industry
    High quality work at an affordable price. We only use genuine Apple parts

    Apple Annual Maintenance Scheme

    Apple computers like Windows computers desire a little love from time to time which will enhance their durability and performance.

    Our Apple users love our annual schemes where we remote in or visit you a couple of times a year (or at your convenience) to make sure that your MacBook Air is running smoothly and up to expectation. We will install the latest updates and make sure that your Mac is patched up against trending vulnerabilities. We know you have a busy lifestyle, so we are more than happy to provide technical support to you remotely. However, we prefer most of our Mac services are done onsite.

    During this period, we may advise necessary updates such as upgrading your hard drive to an SSD or increasing your physical memory (RAM upgrades) to improve your productivity.

    Read more about our AMS (Annual Maintenance Scheme) here.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much does it cost?

    It would depend on the extent of damage. 

    Where can I go to get my Mac fixed?

    You can give us a call to see how we can help or offer you some free advice.

    Should I fix my Mac or get a new one?

    If your Mac is more than 8 years old and it is broken, it would be impossible to source parts as it is quite obsolete – read more here. Sometimes your Mac device may just need a service! 

    How can I fix my Mac?

    1. Reboot the Mac.
    2. Reset PRAM/NVRAM and SMC.
    3. Use Disk Utility
    4. Download DriveDx and check if your hard drive is still in good condition.
    5. Use any free antivirus software to scan and check for viruses.

    Or give us a ring for additional support or to make an appointment to fix up your MacBook/Mac device.

    How long do these services take?

    It depends on the extent of damage to the Mac/MacBook Air or Pro. Timings may vary from a few hours to a maximum of 2 weeks. We keep you updated all along the process.

    iMacs, MacBook Pros / Airs Fixed

    3rd June 2023: Fixed issue with fonts on MacBook Pro - Croydon, VIC

    20th May 2023: iMac SSD upgrade - Clyde, VIC

    25th April 2023: MacBook Pro issue with DC Jack fixed - Bentleigh, VIC

    17th April 2023: iMac running slow - SSD + RAM (32 GB) upgrade - Cheltenham, VIC

    6th April 2023: Picked up iMac for SSD upgrade (very slow) - Pakenham, VIC

    30 March 2023: Reinstalled MacOS on 2012 iMac - Boronia, VIC

    2nd March 2023: Fixed iMac which had keychain access issues.

    Success Stories

    We are very proud of the service we provide. Home or business, big or small - we love them all. Read our testimonials from our happy customers.